27 August 2011


Every journey begins with the first step. This twenty-first century journey, my journey starts with words. There are millions of words and trillions of word combinations and yet every person has a unique word footprint which makes their writing different. I look forward to sharing with you my combination of words, words joined together in sentences, then paragraphs and finally chapters. This becomes the end of one journey and the start of another.


  1. Hi Liliane. Welcome to the world of blogging.

    I was also born and raised on islands, the British Isles. Born in Scotland, then joined the British Army and trained in England before my career got underway properly.

    As I only started my own blog in December of last year I'm no expert but I learned a couple of lessons early on. One of them was to ensure contrasting and not blending colours on my pages.
    Your 'wet slate' colour scheme for want of a better description is smart with the white text of your entry. It may simply be my eyesight, but the black text doesn't work for me. Blue or yellow might look a tad garish at first glance, but I think it would pick out the wording more quickly for visitors; 'view my complete profile, newer post, home,' etc.
    I can see the words highlight when a cursor passes over them but I couldn't make them out before that.
    All that said, I'm going to subscribe so that I can see what you're about and how you get on with your venture.

    Feel free to check my page out and leave comments.

  2. Thanks Tom
    You are quite correct - I'll probably be making lots of tweeks over the next few days as I get lots (I hope) more helpful comments. Watch this space as they say!

  3. Hi Liliane
    Your site is impressive. I like your character - he communicates with the reader not unlike Holden Caulfield (Catcher in the Rye) does
    Jeff Taylor

  4. Hi Jeff
    I'll take that as a compliment. It's a long time since I read Catcher in the Rye - I must have still been at school. My villain is not consciously based on any person or character.

  5. Hi Liliane,
    I read 'Black and White' and really enjoyed it. What a life Lily had! I'm interested to see how your new novel develops.

  6. Liliane,
    Like what you've done here - looking forward to seeing the next instalments.


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